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Posted 2 years ago

Credit Cards and Cabs

Being able to pay with a credit card for the cab in NYC is keeping the yellow cab industry from taking a significant financial hit during the corporate travel downturn.

Posted 2 years ago

Taxi of tomorrow is here today

The NYC yellowcab of tomorrow is on public display today and through Sunday at Madison Square Park on 23rd Street and Madison Ave (see map).

The backseat is open for viewing and judging by the public.

If you stopped by, let us know what you think.

Posted 2 years ago

A quiet taxi ride, is it possible?

The NY yellow taxis are evolving.  Better seats, better tracking, better drivers, no honking, and now, muted TV.  

Passengers getting in the cab get a loud introduction from some celebrity and then can choose from variety of programming, such as news, weather, or some tid-bits from popular shows and sitcoms.

The Taxi TV makers and providers Creative Mobile Technology and VeriFone are loweing the volume.  The default volume on the TV devices will be set to quiet and the volume and mute buttons will be easily accessible and visible.

The drivers are excited.  How many times can you listen to Jimmy Kimmel’s jokes each day? Some claim that the TV is killing the drivers’ relationships with passengers.  Most passengers also appreciate the change.  No one yells at you when you get in the cab.  There is enough yelling in NY already.

Personally, having a TV when getting in the car is too distracting.  It’s hard enough to give the driver the destination address and watch where the driver is going, even without the TV talking over you.

What do you think?

Posted 2 years ago

NY Cabs are being silenced

NY residents and visitors may finally get some quiet sleep as cabbies are told to “lock horns” by the TLC.

Yesterday, the drivers received a notification from the chief of TLC stating

“Drivers — remember that honking is against the law except when warning of imminent danger!” and “…be a good neighbor and save yourself a $350 summons — honk ONLY in an emergency!”

A $350 is a steep fine for cab drivers that honk regularly expecting to get their passengers to their destination.  Honking is used for navigating the streets, not warning of imminent danger.  Drivers are complaining saying that honking and speedy driving is what makes New York tick.  

Violations will be issued by NYPD to cab drivers that use the horn innaporpriately.

This action was initiated through an email sent by a SoHo resident complaining of street noise.  Most New Yorkers are happy with this action and hope that New York can be a quieter place for anyone trying to sleep, watch TV, read, or just have some quiet time.

What do you think, horns or quiet?

Posted 2 years ago

NYC Yellow Cab medallions fetch record breaking prices

A pair of yellow cab medallions are being sold for a record $950,000 each - proof they’re among the best investments in town, even if that town is NYC.

Last month the record sale for one medallion was set at $634,000.

"These medallions are good as gold, and even better," said Murstein, president of Medallion Financial Corp.

Between 1947 and 2009, the price of medallions has climbed at an annualized rate of 9.8%. That’s more than the Dow Jones Industrial Average and gold.

Yellow-cab medallions are always in demand because the Taxi and Limousine Commission (TLC) regulates the quantity of available medallions and rarely increases the overall number.

The city is planning to launch an outer-borough program to allow livery cars to pick up passengers on the street, however, the TLC Commissioner said the outer-borough program shouldn’t affect medallion values because more than 97% of yellow cab rides begin in Manhattan or at the airports.